Thank you for your interest in the Firefighters Assistance Program. Your generous contribution will work together with the donations of other citizens that value electing candidates who
champion these brave men and women. As you know, firefighters put their lives on the line each day to protect and serve us.

Throughout the year there are thousands of firemen who are injured or killed while working to protect us each day. Each of these heroes knew the risk involved in defending our lives when they chose to put on their uniform. We believe it is an elected official’s duty to give their full support these brave men and women.

We take a unique role in supporting firefighters as a voice of civilians who want to help at a legislative level such as:

  • Funds and benefits for families of fallen or injured firefighters, many of which risk their lives and well-being working in our communities to keep us safe
  • The tools and training necessary for these individuals to perform their jobs effectively and safely
  • Legislation that will ensure the safety and security of firefighters during their shifts

The important role you play as an advocate of these heroes helps us identify and support election races that will make the biggest impacts in the lives of firefighters. We want to
thank you again for your pledge. We appreciate your support! Your contribution will make the difference in our firefighters lives and help them get the care they deserve.


The Firefighters Assistance Program

Contributions to the Firefighters Assistance Program are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.  Contribute Now

The Firefighters Assistance Program is a program of the National Assistance Committee.